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10 Essential Washing Machine Maintenance Tips

Washing machines make our lives a lot easier and better because they do all the heavy work in keeping our clothes clean and fresh. However, they also cost a lot of money. And despite how tough and modern washing machines might look, even they have some weak points. Keeping the washing machine well-maintained helps them run properly and efficiently for years to come and saves us from unnecessary repair costs. Let us have a look at essential washing machine maintenance tips.

1. Use The Right Detergent

It is important to use the right detergent with your washing machine. The type of detergent you choose usually depends on the type and price of the washing machine, and it is usually the best practice to go with the detergent that’s prescribed by your washing machine’s brand. You can find more details about the suitable detergent in your washing machine’s manual. Whether you use a machine-specific detergent or a regular detergent, it is important to know that it shouldn’t be too harsh or alkaline. Otherwise, it can end up harming the washing machine’s interior parts as well as your clothes.

2. Use The Right Amount Of Detergent

It is also important to use just the right amount of detergent while washing your laundry. Too much detergent can lead to higher wear and tear of clothes, while too little can lead to unclean clothes.

3. Don’t Overload The Washing Machine

The number of clothes a washing machine can wash in one go depends on its specifications, and you should overload it with too many clothes or laundry. When you overload a washing machine, it starts shaking dangerously. Since there’s not enough room in the drum in case of overloading, your clothes are not cleaned properly. Overloading puts a lot of pressure on the washing machine and can permanently damage its internal parts in the long run.

4. Don’t Forget Coins & Other Things In Your Pockets

Don’t forget to double-check your clothes before putting them in the washing machine. Sometimes, we tend to forget things such as coins, pins, toothpicks, receipts, money, and even smartphones in our pockets. If you forget money, receipts, and smartphones in your pocket, you will lose a lot. Things like coins, pins, and toothpicks can bounce against the drum and damage its surface. In some cases, they can even stop the washing machine from working in the middle of a load wash. Forgetting tissues inside your pocket means that you have to deal with an unclean pocket later.

5. Leave The Washing Machine Door Open After Washing

After the washing cycle is complete, it is recommended to keep the door of the washing machine open for 15-30 minutes so that the drum gets to dry and the moisture is removed from the interiors. Keeping the washing machine’s door ajar helps in preventing the build-up of bacteria and molds. It also prevents the washing machine from smelling foul.

6. Regularly Clean The Lint Filter

The lint collector in a washing machine collects all the lint and dirt that is found on the clothes. You must remove the lint filter and clean it once every few days. Otherwise, it can get clogged, and the lint and dirt are no longer collected inside the lint filter. That leans to unclean clothes even after you wash them in the washing machine.

7. Descale Your Washing Machine

A lot of washing machines face the problem of scaling. In areas where soft water is not available to wash clothes, people are forced to use groundwater from the bore well. Hard water has too much salt content, and that salt ends up forming a thick layer on the washing machine’s drum and other internal parts. To remove scaling from your washing machine, you have to use the deep cleaning function. You should also use a descaling solution once every few months to remove scaling without damaging the internal components. Alternatively, you can also use a mix of baking soda and white vinegar, add that to warm water in the washing.

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Follow the above essential washing machine maintenance tips to keep you machine durable !!

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